Parent Counselling

I can provide support and counselling to parents and use a creative approach to my work with parents. Before working with a child I will have an initial parent counselling session. The initial parent counselling session is given in a relaxed atmosphere away from any judgment to talk freely about any concerns you have going on for your child and any support you need. Within this session some questions will be asked to help me obtain some information required to assess and consider best methods of practice as well as give you a chance to be clear on my role and the way I work. The session is also there for you to have a better understanding of what is involved in Counselling for your child and any questions and expectations. I will also ask the parent to do a sandtray. Sessions for parents can be arranged as needed. Parents can expect to feel supported, gain more insight and clarity on how they are as a parent and with their child, and develop more strategies as a parent and to recognize their own strengths.

The sessions are 1hr.

Kids & Teens Counselling

Is a safe creative space to come explore what has been going on.
Using creative arts therapy and sandplay therapy along with other talking therapies is an effective and engaging way to work. Kids & teens engage in this process more freely. Kids & Teens can expect to find better ways to deal with things, gain more insight and confidence and have more emotional self-regulation.

The sessions are 50mins.

Art Therapy Groups

Art therapy groups are set up in schools and the community, these groups are quite small in size and is designed to suit the needs of participants. I use a psycho-educational approach combined with creative arts therapy. Art therapy is a wonderful way for all involved to deepen the process, gain self- awareness and insight. Being involved in a group brings a great sense of belonging, empathy, awareness of others and connection. It helps to give new coping strategies and ways to problem solve.

The sessions are 60 mins

Phone & Child update support

At Creative Kids Therapy I will be in touch with you regularly by phone or email to discuss how your child is going. Counselling is confidential however; if I am at all concerned about your child’s safety, or that they may be at risk of harming themselves or others I will inform you immediately. There may be times that your child would like me to discuss things with you. As a parent you are able to call me and let me know of anything that may arise or if you have any questions.


  • Feeling heard and understood
  • Ability to deal with emotions and feelings
  • Building resilience, self-esteem and confidence
  • Empowering your child, feeling more secure
  • Exploring better ways to handle situations and relationships
  • Learning life skills, problem solving and coping strategies