As a parent we know our children’s strengths, weaknesses, and the importance of looking out for their best interests. It may be that you have tried a number of ways to help your child -asked friends and family for help, read information, and have explored many options. However, this approach still hasn’t helped and your gut instinct is saying you need to get them some more support. A time like this can be very overwhelming and stressful. Making decisions to trust a professional Counsellor with your child can be difficult.

Your first step would be to make a call, and have a chat about your concerns.


Some of life's challenges

As a parent you want the best for your child and will do whatever it takes to see them happy, enjoying life and thriving. Our children are all unique and can experience situations very differently from one another. As adults we can experience events that cause stress, and we may seek help with a Counsellor to get more meaning or understanding around it.  Our children are no different.

They too can experience a traumatic event or something that triggers their behavior, causing them to need support - to give a voice and understanding to their experiences. There are times when a child needs to gain the tools and strategies to help them through that period of their life. Being a parent can bring a lot of joy, happiness, and proud moments, but it also comes with challenges.

There are times as a parent where we are faced with concerns for our child’s wellbeing and there is nothing wrong with getting your child the support and help they need.



Common reasons